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23 January 2011

Law Society Survey

Solicitor Firms review the challenges they faced in the recent Professional Indemnity Insurance Renewal Process

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5 January 2011

B&A Sign of the Times 2011

Drawn from observations in 100s of consumer research projects over the course of 2011 and a series of group discussions in the final few weeks of the same year, this report attempted to capture the zeitgeist in Ireland at that time.

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23 June 2010

Senior Company Directors Views

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5 January 2010

B&A Sign of the Times 2010

This report presents what we heard ‘from the horse’s mouth’ and what it meant to be Irish in 2010.

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23 October 2006

A Shifty Lot

Marketing Society

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23 November 2003


A companion piece to “Six Easy Pieces”, this review draws on a series of case histories to provide guidelines for new and old product development.

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23 October 2000

Six Easy Pieces

A reflective piece, drawing lessons from six case histories spanning 25 years of market research in Ireland. The lessons learned have been important contributors to the research philosophy of Behaviour & Attitudes.

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23 September 2000

The Irish Times/Behaviour & Attitudes Men Today Poll

This report is based on the findings of the inaugural Irish Times/Behaviour & Attitudes Social Poll. Conducted exclusively on behalf of the Irish Times, the Social Poll covers the views, opinions and behavioural patterns of men in Ireland today.