Our first Global Advisor release of 2024 is our Valentine’s Special:

Ipsos Love Life Satisfaction around the world

This Valentine’s Day we explore how we feel about our relationships and wonder why is it that the women of Ireland feel more loved than men, and are also more satisfied with their romantic/sex life?

Not only that, but more Irish women feel loved than women in most other countries!

Globally, the highest rates of satisfaction were found in Mexico and India (both at 76%). The study also highlighted generational differences, with millennials leading global satisfaction levels in their romantic and sexual lives (67%).

These are the results of a 31-country survey conducted by Ipsos on its Global Advisor online platform and, in India, on its IndiaBus platform, between Friday, December 22, 2023 and Friday, January 5, 2024. For this survey, Ipsos interviewed a total of 24,269 adults aged 18 years and older in India, 18-74 in Canada, Republic of Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, Turkey, and the United States, 20-74 in Thailand, 21-74 in Indonesia and Singapore, and 16-74 in all other countries.