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Delving deeper to understand people and the world they live in.

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We’re Ireland’s largest independent research & insight consultancy, addressing the challenges that face our clients’ businesses with an innovative blend of high quality qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

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Knowledge may be power, but understanding is what gives you an advantage. Our expertise lies in interpreting what people do, and how they think, harnessing those insights to better prepare you for the challenges you face.

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Each of our clients is different, with unique challenges to overcome. We create bespoke research strategies powered by expertise, intelligence and experience.

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We are pioneers in qualitative and quantitative methodologies. B&A has been recognised a record 27 times by the Marketing Society of Ireland.


COVID-19 and its Implications For Brand Growth

— Marketing Society Awards


Customer Experience Research Softening the Blow

— Marketing Society Awards


CXX (Customer Experience Excellence) Transforming an Organisation

— Marketing Society Awards


Brand Development & Strategy

— Marketing Society Awards


The resilient Irish: ‘In the last 10-15 years we have been through an economic crisis, a pandemic and now an inflationary crisis’

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B&A Sign of the Times (SOTT) 2022

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