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B&A ensures the highest possible standards by doing as much as possible in-house, and striving for excellence in every aspect of what we do.

About Us


Who are we? We are Behaviour & Attitudes, Ireland’s largest independent Market Research company, successfully growing and evolving since 1985.

We offer a comprehensive suite of tailor made quantitative and qualitative methodologies and advise our clients on all aspects of consumer behaviour and its implications. B&A is wholly owned by its management team, all of whom are active researchers.

Our Approach

Every marketing problem and issue is different. We don’t believe in ‘shoe-horning’ client problems into particular products or methodologies. Rather, we bring our wealth of research experience and intuitive understanding of brands and people to devise the approach we feel best works. This could involve qualitative learnings, quantitative skills or a mixture of various approaches.


We are members of AIMRO and ESOMAR, and adhere to their standards as well as those dictated by top tier membership of MRS. We are long term members of International Research Institutes, enabling us to share and work with an unrivaled global network across more than 30 countries.


Behaviour & Attitudes place the utmost importance on security of data.
The company has been certified for information security policies and procedures based on the International Standard for information security management systems (ISO/IEC 27001:2013).

This standard was introduced to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Company information. As part of the programme Behaviour & Attitudes are committed to conducting on-going internal audit services and risk assessments against the requirements of the Standard for security management.


A copy of our certificate can be accessed by clicking on the logo above.


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For 30 years we have been Ireland's leading and most innovative provider of market research and consumer insight solutions. We have evolved from being a small 'boutique' agency with core qualitative expertise, to being the largest Independent agency with a genuinely solution-neutral focus. We are as dynamic and creative quantitatively as we are thorough and meticulous qualitatively.

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