As we near the time to exchange gifts, share time with family and friends and embrace the festive season, we once again turn our eyes (and analysis) to some of this year’s Christmas TV ads.

This year, Ipsos B&A analysed 8 TV ads that were on air in the lead up to Christmas 2023 to explore their emotional impact, their level of Christmas joy and Christmas spirit, and to highlight what resonated with viewers of each ad. We used bespoke questions and our Ipsos B&A AdEffect model to explore the impact of Christmas ads from Woodies, An Post, Tesco, Amazon, Lidl, Aldi, Tayto and Rockshore.

A few highlights on our findings:

  • Our 2023 Christmas ads, as a group, shows stronger potential for fame and staying power than non-Christmas TV ads
  • Woodies, An Post and Amazon were top for recall, enjoyment and happiness
  • Mrs. Higgins, Kevin the Carrot and the Amazon joy riders were the most likeable characters
  • An Post, Lidl and (in his first Christmas ad) Mr. Tayto topped the tree on branding

Another great year for Christmas ads!