At B&A, we’ve spent the last ten weeks engaging with consumers as they experience Life in Lockdown.   We’ve watched them adjust to their new reality, redefine their priorities, recognise their emerging needs.  W/c 15 June we will be launching Shaping Ireland’s Future as we switch to observing as they re-engage with the world around them. 

 The next stage of our Covid-19 reporting will look at specific sectors.  What does the short to medium term future look like as they operate under new conditions and deliver to emerging consumer needs?  What are the rules for success in our new reality? 

 Shaping Ireland’s Future will combine consumer insight (qualitative and quantitative) with input from sector experts and use of exclusive research conducted by our overseas partners to help understand what ‘the future’ might look like here in Ireland.  Watch this space for our reports …

Week 10 of Life on Lockdown and we’re Back to the Future.