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Emma Danaher


Emma Danaher


Emma joined B&A in 2006 to manage the CATI Unit. Prior to B&A, she worked as a ‘Face-to-Face’ Supervisor with Lansdowne and Millward Browne Market Research in Ireland in 2005/2006 and had over 4 years experience working in other CATI units in Ireland (MRC, Lansdowne and Millward Browne). She now oversees all B&A telephone projects from initial proposal to end of fieldwork.


CATI and excellence in quality research.

Methodologies & Qualifications

Emma has a B.A. in Communications Studies from DCU, an M.A. in Film Studies from UCD and a Diploma from the London College of Music in Speech & Drama. She also completed the Irish Times People Management Training in 2007.


An anagram of her name is Dear Mama Hen.

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