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B&A Brand Affinity

Brands are the lifeblood of any organisation. As brand owners and managers, we need to understand exactly how consumers view our brand and its competitive set.

Each market has its own norms which change over time. In fact, industry norms seem equally as dynamic as consumer attitudes to the brands themselves.

Understanding and keeping track of whether your market consists of brand loyal or promiscuous users can help define the correct brand strategy. Establishing the number of brand prospects, finding out what brand features are important to them and where these potential users may come from can give us greater confidence in making marketing decisions.

At Behaviour & Attitudes, we have developed a simple approach to collecting brand affinity information. The B&A Brand Affinity model.

Our approach not only collects information about brand loyalty, but also delves deeply into the psychological strength of the customer brand relationship. In some markets, one might consider brand loyalty the ultimate goal; in others, it will simply be to ensure the brand succeeds in winning more purchasers compared to the competitive set.

Understand where your brand is positioned along the B&A Brand Affinity ladder, and how this information can be used to unlock future growth opportunities.


B&A Brand Affinity

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