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B&A is a great place to work. We employ almost 40 people at our head office and more than 250 others as part time interviewers.

We have a more experienced team of researchers than any other agency, with a large number of staff at the company for over 20 years and many working on the team for more than 10 years.

We employ qualitative researchers (directors, analysts and trainees), quantitative specialists (analysts, programmers, project managers and research directors) and a broad team of support staff across project management, technology, administration and finance functions.

We are always interested in talking to researchers who are considering a move and aim to have an expanding multi-disciplinary team that blends youth and experience. Good researchers come from many different areas and we aim to incorporate people of varied backgrounds and academic description.

We have a national interviewer team with people in every county. We have more than 200 at present, but are generally on the look out for those who would be interested in seeing if it suits them. All interviewers are trained and closely supervised and we ensure that interviewers have good support, training and a supportive system of colleagues to consult where necessary.

We also have a team of focus group recruiters, generally drawn from more experienced members of the interviewer panel.

In addition, our telephone unit at Milltown House has a trained team of more than 60, most of whom work on a part time basis in the evening and at weekends. A pre-hire training programme is regularly run.

B&A was awarded by Employability for its progressive and inclusive policy of hiring interviewers with disabilities.

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Brenda Waldron

Brenda heads up administration and office management at B&A and has been with the company …

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Brenda Waldron

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Emma Danaher

Emma joined B&A in 2006 to manage the CATI Unit. Prior to B&A, she worked as a ‘Face-to-Face’ …

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Emma Danaher

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Ian McShane

Ian is Chairman of B&A and leads the development of new technology and the approach …

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Ian McShane

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