With a slight easing in inflation, consumer confidence sees a further, slight improvement in December.

This wave of the B&A Consumer Confidence Barometer was conducted from the 9th-20th of December 2022.

With inflation easing somehow since October, consumer confidence sees a further slight increase from -67 in November to -65 in December.

However, confidence remains at a very low level, with 3 in 4 (74%) believing Ireland will be worse off in the coming year, and just 1 in 10 feeling Ireland will be better off.

A two-tier economy is very evident, with the improvement in confidence coming solely from Leinster (including Dublin), and consumer confidence being particularly low in Connaught/Ulster.

Furthermore, both women and those in lower social classes are more pessimistic regarding the year ahead.

Income and spend expectations for the year ahead have also improved, though almost half (47%) expect a decline in disposable income in the year ahead, and 55% expect to spend less.

1 in 5 find it difficult to cope with the rising prices, while 3 in 5 are coping.

The outlook for personal assets also sees an improvement in December.


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