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Telecommunications & Technology: New Service Launch


Meteor is an established mobile phone network in Ireland with a younger user base.

Before the 4G launch, Meteor was not a brand associated with technological innovation and there were significant gaps in understanding mobile internet usage. Meteor wanted to be first to market with 4G and devise their launch strategy based on reliable consumer insight. B&A went ‘native’ and utilized the very product they were researching – smartphones themselves were at the heart of insight generation. We used:

Digital Ethnography – accessed unconscious behaviour people cannot normally recall in research. Participants installed a free app which became their smartphone diary.

Altered State Groups – enhanced feedback revealing needs previously not recognised.

Communication examples from other countries, combined with a review of diary problems, helped identify how 4G could release new mobile internet behaviour. Passive Mobile Tracking was used by B&A in Ireland for the first time. Combined with an online survey, this provided unique insights about the gap between perception and reality in mobile internet usage.

Our report had to inspire stakeholders and on debrief combined qualitative analysis with hard data integrated in a compelling visual style supported by vox-pops.

B&A guided the launch of Meteor 4G:

– Facilitating the development of the actual 4G service
– Ensuring the correct 4G proposition was launched
– And delivering the right campaign theme and tone for Meteor

“I really liked the B&A approach as they used proven methodologies along with exploiting the capabilities of handsets and applications. It allowed us to get a very deep and accurate insight into customers’ usage habits.” Elaine Robinson, Director of Next Generation Data and Voice,-eircom



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