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1. Pre-Project

An intelligence sharing session between stakeholders and the research team. We review all available material and contextualise the project. We can fine tune project details, focus and outputs. There is also the potential to include co-creation with consumers at this point to energise the team and guide our planning.

2. Mid-Project

Tightly defined agenda with a shared understanding of the desired outputs. Mature moderation by B&A facilitators ensures we have a permissive environment for sharing ideas, but also maintain focus so that side issues do not distract us from the job at hand.

3. Post-Project

Following on from research, we can help stimulate the next stage of planning to move from insight to actions. In effect squeezing as much as possible from the research (and researchers). This is a co-creation session, facilitated by B&A and using our purpose built workshop and breakout rooms at our Milltown venue in South Dublin.


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