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FF Closes Gap on FG as Year Draws to an End – Sunday Times Poll

2018 has been a significant year for Ireland from a social, political and economic perspective.

In casting our mind back over the key events most likely to have shaped support levels for the various political groupings over the course of the year, a number of critical milestones emerge.

Perhaps the most seismic of all events in 2018 was the decision by two-thirds of the electorate to repeal the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, thereby removing the ban on abortion in Ireland. In many ways, this vote crystallised the social transformation of the country from one informed by the moral teachings of the Catholic church, to a truly secular society beholden to no single institutional religion.

With a General Election in 2019 now apparently less likely than had previously been assumed, it is possible that the European and Local Elections in May of next year will represent the first real litmus test as to how the various political parties are faring.

Read more of the Sunday Times / Behaviour & Attitudes Poll for December 2018 here.

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