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Brands & Branding


Brands are like people.  They have characteristic behaviour, traits that distinguish them from others and personalities that change and evolve.

As researchers we can help you to understand what’s right and wrong for your brand.  We use our skills and experience to help work out how your brand should evolve, change and develop.

We have worked on a vast range of brands across many sectors and fields: fashion, food, retail, media and consumer goods.  We have helped to map out their potential, understand their appropriate growth and development rates and determine how they should promote themselves and behave in advertising.

In addition to researching and ‘taking the temperature’ of brands we are proficient at documenting and describing brands components: their core or essence, their personalities, their equity and their propositions.

Whether looking for in-depth research about your brand and how it should act, or brand planning and analysis and guidance, talk to our expert team of researchers and planners


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For 30 years we have been Ireland's leading and most innovative provider of market research and consumer insight solutions. We have evolved from being a small 'boutique' agency with core qualitative expertise, to being the largest Independent agency with a genuinely solution-neutral focus. We are as dynamic and creative quantitatively as we are thorough and meticulous qualitatively.

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