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Brand Research


People have strong feelings about their favourite brands; there can be a sense of connection, and belonging that reinforces a service relationship.
To understand brand perceptions and consumer motivations fully we need the flexibility and sensitivity of qualitative research to probe:

Brand Stories

Customers and competitor customers are pre-tasked to record video clips about what they love and what they hate about their preferred brand.

Brand Research Techniques

The interactive dialogue of an extended creative workshop provides the ideal approach for probing brand perceptions in detail:


  • Articulate and creatively screened participants.
  • Pre-group tasking to enhance awareness of BOI and competitors.

Selective Recruitment

  • Brand relationship:
  • Long term loyal
  • Recent (honeymoon)
  • Lapsing
  • Competitor customers

Projective Techniques

  • Helpful in accessing non-verbal and emotional perceptions of brands:
  • Mind mapping
  • Collage*
  • Role Play

Reaching the heart of your brand

Many researchers and agencies just focus on verbal associations.
But brands are living things with personality, tone of voice, visual identity and emotions.
In order to expose more detailed brand perceptions we need to utilise specific techniques.


The Role of Projective Techniques

  • Overcomes conscious barriers.
  • Engages ‘right brain’ thinking:
  • Intuitive, non linear processing, holistic.
  • Avoids post rationalising.
  • Access non verbal associations; stimulates visual centres of brain.

Brand Identity

These techniques help us must move beyond rational probing and encourage a more creative discussion.
Projective techniques generate a permissive and playful environment where we can access non verbal brand associations.


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