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Advertising development research


Qualitative research can help illuminate consumer reactions and also identify elements that motivate or distract. It can pinpoint what is the best route forward.
But this is not a task where a ready formula can guarantee success. In fact, our assessment must be nuanced to reflect the market, the media used, the creative and most importantly the objective of the campaign.
We need to incorporate an evaluation of emotional reactions

  • This includes non-verbal as well as verbal cues.
  • An experienced B&A moderator can spot non-verbal reactions and begin to probe for more explicit feedback.
  • It is critical that the moderator has the experience to tease out the difference between an executional glitch that can be easily amended and a deeper concept issue.


Engagement Assessment

We need to understand the way in which consumers respond.
In particular, the more emotional aspect of their reactions as this taps into their impulsive, unprocessed responses that can form the basis for motivated recall.
Essentially, ‘engagement’ is a composite of elements

Conversion Likelihood

Any estimation of effectiveness should recognise the unique and somewhat hot-housed environment of research.
Nevertheless, conversion potential can be assessed by ensuring we explore a range of conversion variables:



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