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Clare Kavanagh


Clare Kavanagh


Clare is a Board Director of B&A and has 25′ years experience in bringing the voice of the customer to decision making. Clare joins B&A from the specialist customer experience consultancy W5 where she was managing director for 6 years. Prior to W5 Clare was head of client services in Kantar specialising in customer satisfaction, brand equity and advertising research. Clare has been successful in partnering with clients to win several awards over the years, most particularly in CX and was a judge for the CX category most recently in the All Ireland Marketing CX category in 2021.


Customer experience is a key focus for Clare and she has extensive experience in facilitating businesses to better understand their customers, helping them to leverage technology to deliver strong data to support evidence-based decision making, while using story-telling and a qualitative lens to foster a customer first attitude. She worked with a small group to found the Irish chapter of the Customer experience professionals association in Ireland and is passionate about increasing the professionalisation of the discipline. Clare is a CX trainer and educator and has offered CX courses through the Marketing Institute.

Methodologies & Qualifications

Clare is a Certified Customer Experience Professional, one of only a handful in Ireland, a Net Promoter® Certified Associate and holds customer journey mapping certification from the Design Thinkers Academy in the Netherlands. Clare graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a first class honours degree in business in 1994.  She also has a Masters in Business Studies from Dublin City University.


Clare is a qualified business coach and is a poor but enthusiastic runner.

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