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For the past 30 years we have worked with many brands to help refine and develop new products and services. Our research was  instrumental in developing and readying many concepts for this market: Budweiser and Diet Coke are two of the better known (and bigger) brands on which we inputted.

Pre-testing concepts or new products is one of the more difficult aspects of research, with a high “casualty rate” stark testament to this. The real problem, as one of our colleagues so eloquently said, is that we are attempting to be “architectural designers for castles in the sky”.

We have been developing and refining our own NPD thinking and models throughout this time, collaborating with others, and successfully applying it ourselves in many Irish projects as well as to studies we have run in Germany, the UK and Canada. It is essentially a process-based approach to NPD, which measures both qualitatively and quantitatively the 15 factors underlying successful innovation.

We encourage clients to beware of over-simplified methods….If it were simple, there wouldn’t be so many NPD casualties.

Creative approaches to unlocking consumer insights are applied. We develop ideas, refine, track, and monitor post launch to ensure NPD maximizes the market opportunity and provides a compelling user experience. Our unique Squeezeit sessions ensure that insights are actioned throughout client organisations. We have even developed a B&A ‘manual’ on how to develop concepts for research.

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For 30 years we have been Ireland's leading and most innovative provider of market research and consumer insight solutions. We have evolved from being a small 'boutique' agency with core qualitative expertise, to being the largest Independent agency with a genuinely solution-neutral focus. We are as dynamic and creative quantitatively as we are thorough and meticulous qualitatively.

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