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There are many situations where we want to interview someone immediately after they have interacted with a service or company. For example, we might decide that we always want to undertake an interview after someone has checked out of a hotel, or picked up a new car from a dealership. That’s where MobSurvey comes in. This approach has already been adopted by numerous organisations outside of Ireland, such as BT and 11890.

We can now survey customers after any touchpoint interaction automatically. Whether it be 10,000 or 100,000 customers. In summary: An SMS is sent with a survey link within the SMS, which links to a mobile orientated survey, which can be linked to the customer details. The surveys can have a number of questions  – no texting back by respondents – all completed online.

With a restful API these surveys can be sent automatically when a customer interacts with a touchpoint guiding customer care.

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