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At B&A we have been listening to and bringing the voice of the customer to our clients’ decision-making for more than thirty years.  We are skilled in measuring and tracking customer reaction to our clients on the ground performance and bringing an understanding of the customer needs, wants and expectations to organisations so that they can design with the customer in mind.

In bringing customer insight to our clients, we have at our disposal a huge depth of experience and expertise in quantitative and qualitative research approaches. We are truly solution agnostic, with our decision making focussed on choice of the best research tool or tools to capture the insight required.

Our long-time experience is that the principles of good research apply to voice of the customer as any other area of research. The key is to create an environment where customers are happy to tell you their thoughts and then listen with an open mind.

Thinking about quantitative research we work with state-of-the-art technology partners to offer you up to the minute survey tools with which we know customers are happy to engage as they get strong response rates. We can deploy surveys, or take automatic contact data feeds and auto-serve surveys and report in realtime, with close the loop functionality if required. Realtime sentiment analysis of qualitative verbatims can be incorporated. DIY tools are also available for larger programmes.

The feedback programme can then be deployed by us as an outsourced service for you, or if you wish to manage the programme in house we can also facilitate.  Either way we are on hand to help you design your VOC programme, to ensure you are measuring what matters and most importantly help you interpret the numbers, avoid the echo chamber and socialise the findings in a way that will create action.  In this we are not forgetting the myriad of tasks needed to manage a VOC measurement programme; that is the management of leads selection, sampling, weighting (if required) opt. outs GDPR data retention rules as well as dashboard reporting to name just a few. We can do this for you also so you can spend your time actioning the results confident that you are measuring the right things that matter for customers.

Qualitative understanding is also hugely important. Succeeding with customer centricity means the customer needs to be at the centre, with their needs, wants and expectations informing decision-making. So, whether it’s through persona creation, journey mapping, verbatim analysis or tried and trusted qualitative approaches such as in- depth interviews and focus groups we are confident our techniques will facilitate organisational understanding and empathy with the customer.

We take data protection seriously and are ISO 27001 accredited so you can be confident that your customer data is in safe hands.

Some award winning high profile examples of our work:

HIQA National Patient Experience Programme Customer Experience Programme

Three 360 CX Research Programme

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For 30 years we have been Ireland's leading and most innovative provider of market research and consumer insight solutions. We have evolved from being a small 'boutique' agency with core qualitative expertise, to being the largest Independent agency with a genuinely solution-neutral focus. We are as dynamic and creative quantitatively as we are thorough and meticulous qualitatively.

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