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B&A CEM (Customer Experience Management)

It has become clear that improving customer experience is vital for any business’s success. As such, high performing organisations focussed on improving their customers’ experience will inspire greater loyalty and confidence.

A good Customer Experience Management (CEM) programme will embed a consistent approach into the organisation and, importantly, provide frontline council staff and management with tools to take continuous action for ongoing improvement.

B&A has recently designed and set up several customer experience improvement programmes for organisations. Our powerful B&A CEM tool combined with our research skills and expertise make us an ideal choice for companies and councils wishing to achieve ongoing improvement and access to real time feedback.

We have delivered the largest public sector customer experience programme in Ireland. Thus, we have the technology and experience to develop a CEM programme that will deliver the same to all organisations, both public and private.

See the benefits of having a successful CEM in place:


If you would like to discuss the possibility of developing such a programme please contact Luke or Elaine

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