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Missing The Mark : DMI Digital Marketing Skills Report

The DMI Digital Marketing Skills Report 2016 has been released, with research conducted by B&A.

The 2016 report tested marketing professionals across a variety of industries in the USA, UK, and Ireland. Amazingly while 59% of marketers in the USA, 47% in the UK and 51% Ireland perceived themselves as very or fairly competent in digital marketing, the actual level of their skills when assessed is equally low across all three countries – scoring 38% on average. In fact, only 8% of marketers tested achieved entry level skills. The results reinforce that now more than ever, there is a global digital talent crisis – and if it isn’t addressed imminently, as the digital industry continues to evolve and innovate, skill levels will continue to decline.

As digital channels continue to evolve they have transformed the way in which consumers research, interact with brands, and ultimately purchase. Such is the pace of digital that it is not enough for organizations to just invest in technologies. They need to also invest in digital marketing and skills education. Without this investment, organizations risk falling behind and becoming less competitive in the global market. Now is the time for companies to embark or progress on a digital transformation path to secure a brighter future.

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