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Shopper Research: Trade Relationships


Irish Distillers Pernod Richard (IDPR) is one of Ireland’s leading alcoholic drinks companies responsible for a wide range of international brands.

They had to reassert themselves as a leading source of customer insight to build a more effective relationship with one of their key channels, the retailers.

We designed a seven stage project using innovative approaches to uncover insight and energise the relationship with retailers. The project employed ethnographic home visits, eye-tracking technology at point of sale, altered-state group discussions, combined with in-store observations, an exit survey and online testing.

Four director-level researchers worked together ensuring quality and momentum was maintained.

As a result of the research, IDPR has succeeded in re-energising their relationship with their customers and stimulated sales uplift. The research is now used as a best practice template within IDPR internationally.

This research was shortlisted for a Marketing Society Research Excellence Award in 2013.



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