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RTÉ is the national broadcaster in Ireland, with an established reputation for quality in TV and Radio broadcasting.

They faced declining advertising revenue and needed research to demonstrate the effectiveness of careful media management of TV advertising. Essentially, we were tasked with providing them statistical evidence that: ‘less advertising clutter equals better cut through’. However, this had never been proven quantitatively despite numerous attempts.

An innovative quantitative approach, developed by B&A, proved to the highest degree that low advertising clutter delivers higher and more effective advertising recall. The latter is not ‘simple’ awareness recall, but rather Detailed Spontaneous Ad Feature Recall (DSAFR) – the highest level of content recall (equivalent to eyewitness levels). In essence, we proved that low clutter advertising ‘Primes for Purchasing’.

In addition a Low Clutter Value Factor was developed which has led to a change in how some RTÉ Breaks are valued and a review of advertising break patterns.

“This research initiative by RTÉ provides new insights into how we plan TV activity. It allows us to go beyond the simple numeric TV rating and adds a measurable qualitative evaluation of the quality of ad breaks. We can now demonstrate that shorter breaks and less clutter can deliver a real benefit for clients TV campaigns”
Nick Fletcher, Broadcast Director – Strategy Core Media Group

“For over 10 years we have been looking for a way to prove what we all know. The innovation approach by B&A and Dr Ken McKenzie has finally cracked it. The findings will alter how we plan to ultimately sell our advertising.”
Paul Loughrey, RTÉ Television Marketing & Research Manager

Please watch our 2 minute video outlining the research 

This project won the Marketing Society Research Excellence Award for Innovation in Research in 2012. It also won the overall Grand Prix that year.


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