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FMCG: Stimulating Growth


Britvic is a significant soft drinks supplier in Ireland and internationally.

In March 2012, the overall soft drinks on-the-go (OTG) category was in long-term decline (-7% value, -6% volume) and Britvic’s own share was declining.

Britvic’s objective was to stabilise the category and gain market share, by bringing new thinking and solutions to both convenience and multiples. B&A was commissioned to conduct a deep exploration of modern Irish to  understand how best to re-ignite interest and stimulate impulse purchasing.

The project we designed included a series of elements:

– The B&A team spent 36 hours observing customers interacting in stores, conducted over 30 spontaneous intercept interviews to better understand the decision process.
– Extended focus groups were conducted with specific consumer cohort lifestyles. These exploded the learnings and drove targeted strategies.
– Questions were devised based on earlier learnings, and placed on a nationally representative omnibus survey.

The project led to a 10.8% Volume and 10.6% Value growth in Britvic OTG market share, and a strategic change in the Britvic organisational structure. Plus the impact has been broader with retail partners also registering actual category growth during a time of recession.

Finally the learnings had a major influence on the innovation pipeline, highlighting areas of opportunity based on consumer needs, lifestyles and behaviour in-store.



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