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The National Consumer Agency (NCA) is a statutory body that provides information on consumer rights, personal finance and consumer laws in Ireland.

As a regular element of the NCA’s tracking programme, B&A explores ease or difficulty in making a variety of different switches, encompassing financial services, domestic technology and entertainment systems through to switching gym and phone contracts. The NCA regularly publishes abstracts as well as using its power to influence State approaches and policies that influence or shape official responses. 

National Consumer Agency’s latest research (2014) finds significant changes in consumer behaviour prompted by the loss of free banking.

According to the research, more than a third (34%) of current account customers said they no longer qualified for free banking. These customers were then asked if the loss of free banking in the last year prompted a change in the ways they use their account. 28% of them said they take out more cash when making withdrawals, almost double the figure (15%) from the previous year. A quarter (25%) also stated that they use their debit cards less often compared to 13% twelve months ago and 13% are using their credit cards more for routine transactions. Furthermore, approximately a third of consumers who no longer qualify for free banking said that they intend to use their debit card less often and/or switch to a bank that offers free banking or lower fees.


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