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Telecommunications & Technology: Mobile Customer Segmentation


eircom is the largest telecommunications operator in the Republic of Ireland. With a full range of fixed mobile, broadband and data services for both the residential and business markets. eircom has two mobile network brands: eMobile and Meteor.

The challenge for eircom was to develop a robust segmentation that all organisational layers within eMobile and Meteor would embrace enthusiastically. It had to be actionable and come ‘alive’ within the organisation.

We were tasked with not only providing a segmentation of the total market (which delivered at a functional and emotive level) but it also had to be:

– Usable in future surveys
– Modelled back to the internal database

We conducted:

– An initial telephone survey of actual usage and behaviour.  Advanced statistical analyses K means cluster and multiple discriminent analysis were undertaken.
– A subsequent qualitative exercise involving groups, voxpops and video life diaries then brought the segments to life.

We worked in partnership with the Insight & Analytics team to introduce within eircom and gain ‘buy in’ via a series of presentations and workshops.

“Insight about our customers drives what services are available, the content of our communications and how we serve them. This segmentation helps us to engage with our customers in more meaningful ways so that we deliver what they want, how they want it, and when they want it, now and into the future.

This segmentation is essential to understanding what is important to our Mobile customers so that we can deliver customer centric solutions that meet their needs and enhance their Mobile experience.”
Anthony O’Neil – Director of Insights & Analytics – Eircom Group

This project was the winner of the Marketing Society Research Excellence Award for Brand Development & Strategy in 2011. It also won the overall Grand Prix that year.


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