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B&A Shopper Watch July 16: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body – Superfoods

A striking finding of the survey results on superfoods is the extent to which levels of awareness and purchase, and general attitudes towards this food type, are broadly consistent across gender and age. In this respect, the survey captures the breadth and depth of the public health movement.

Broccoli growers, in particular, should be thrilled, as 50% of grocery shoppers have purchased the vegetable due to its ‘super’ credentials. Blueberries are another key beneficiary of the trend.
The level of our engagement with food health is also well illustrated by our levels of awareness and the purchase of exotic superfoods. One in three Irish grocery shoppers has purchased chia seeds and/or quinoa. Such purchasing patterns do peak, interesting, among the older age groups, but are still strongly apparent across each demographics group.

Grocery shoppers are also cognisant of the wider context, with 60% agreeing that the interest in superfoods reflects people increasingly taking responsibility for their own health.

We are also ready to put our money where our attitudes are. One in three grocery shoppers does not mind paying a bit more for superfoods, and here there is a demographic bias: this sentiment rises above 40% among those under 34 years and ABC1s.

Read the B&A Shopper Watch July 16: Healthy Mind, Healthy Body here.

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