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Markets evolve and people change. If we are not careful, we can become conditioned by the world we think we know and not really connect with the world as it really is.

About Incubator


Most research is an experiment, whether we are testing to see why something has happened, or evaluating a method of research to see whether it does what we want or not.

We believe in experimentation. Without it we wouldn’t achieve breakthroughs in our thinking, and we’d still be doing research in the same way we always did.

We integrate ideas and technologies that we have come across internationally, from different countries and indeed from different fields of research and development.

Before we commercialise or use new methods we try them out in lots of different studies and situations to see how they work and what they tell us. That’s where the Incubator comes in.

Our R&D Facility


You could equally call it our ‘trial kitchen’….our commitment to trying new methods, putting investment behind our hunches, developing new and different ways of looking at and studying marketing, psychological or decision-based problems.

In this way, our pioneering work on Passive App tracking has led to a step-change in thinking about the way we use the mobile internet, and more fundamentally, about the things we do and don’t remember about what we do everyday.

Equally our experimentation with Perception Analyser led us to the conclusion that it is a great tool for prompting reflection on our individual engagement with advertising, but is less good perhaps at coming up with generalised theories around what makes ads work or otherwise.

Some things try out well and we use them, others we find alternative uses for, and some techniques we pull apart and decide we can’t see their merit.

Cutting Edge Research


Market research in an evolving discipline, a hybrid that draws from many areas of soft and hard science. As researchers, breakthroughs and developments in many areas of science, sociology, behavioural economics, and associated fields interest us. Some of these might lead to changes in how we do our work and  how we think about people, consumer psychology and decision making.

The Incubator is our commitment to our clients that we will spend the time to test and develop new methods and ensure our research on their brands is at the cutting edge.

Award Winning Technology


In May 2013, B&A were commissioned to guide and inspire the Meteor 4G launch strategy. Through our Incubator programme, B&A came up with a completely novel approach, combining qualitative insight and hard data. This project received the Marketing Society Award for Innovation in 2013. You can read about this award winning and innovative research design by clicking here.

New Challenges, New Approaches


Nothing stays the same.  Everything is shifting and moving.  The escalating pace of change is apparent in many sectors and markets.  This belief drives our approach to research, to how we run our business and organise our projects.

Our incubator is the foundry where we hatch and try out new approaches and ideas.  Some work, some don’t, but as researchers we know that breakthroughs come from experimentation.

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