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B&A facilitates the Global Dairy Platform’s ‘Designing Dairy’s Future’ Conference in Copenhagen.

Behaviour & Attitudes has been working with the Global Dairy Platform for the past five years. Based in Chicago, the Global Dairy Platform has developed a pivotal role in contributing to worldwide marketing strategy for Dairy, frequently in collaboration with IMP. Seminal research was produced by B&A in 2010/2011, where qualitative research led to the report ‘The Consumer Relationship with Dairy at an Emotional Level’. A subsequent project building on the 2011 learnings generated the publication by B&A of ‘A Marketing Architecture for Dairy’ in 2013, presented at two international conferences. Since January 2015 B&A has been working with the Global Dairy Platform and IMP in qualitative research with experts in two day groups on different strands of contemporary Dairy marketing strategy. These outcomes will be reviewed and developed at a conference in Copenhagen from the 21st  to the 23rd  June 2015, organised by the Global Dairy Platform. Phelim O’Leary of Behaviour & Attitudes will be heavily involved in facilitation with over sixty delegates, bringing together various task force work streams in Designing Dairy’s Future worldwide.

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