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Our Global Network


B&A joined the International Research Institutes Network in 1997. It is a network of leading independent full service research agencies across 5 continents and it now has more than 40 members across 35 countries.

Larry Ryan served as an Iris Global Council member for 10 years and continues as the Ireland country representative. As Council member, he lead a number of global syndicated studies and developed and co-ordinated the networks second international healthcare study, across 21 countries. He presented a paper based on this to the Market Research Society Healthcare Conference in London in 2012.

IRIS members get together every six months, most recently in Kraków where Cathy delivered a presentation on innovation in qualitative research. B&A hosted the Iris conference in Ireland in 2015.

Members work together on many studies and operate an open exchange of knowledge, techniques and R&D initiatives. A thriving research staff exchange programme operates between countries and inter-company work exchange continues to grow.

We have worked on projects with many of our partners around the network and appreciate that we are dealing with the foremost agencies in those markets, with unparalleled sensitivity to the need for differences of approach in their markets.

IRIS is now the largest working network of independent research agencies in the world and B&A is proud to offer its scope and potential to clients in Ireland. Pictured are some of the members that met in Nice in September 2014.

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