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A Nation Of Foodies!

While the perception that Ireland is a nation of heavy drinkers lingers, research shows that we are ditching the pub in favour of restaurants and this has implications for the food and drink industry.

Everyone knows that the Irish are social beings and the evidence from the B&A’s most recent 2016 Eating and Drinking report re-affirms this. A very high proportion of us like to go out for meals, go to the pub and drink at home at least occasionally. Nowadays however there is a greater tendency for us to drink at home than go to the pub with 31% drinking at home weekly and 23% going to the pub.

Despite the economic recovery the number of Irish adults drinking in pubs continues to decline. In 1996, 53% of us were drinking regularly in our local pub and now only a quarter of us do this. In order to get a fix on the actual impact of this shift, we need to take into consideration the growth in population (18+) over this period. When we do this, the decline in footfall is staggering! Twenty years ago there was 1.3m of us going to the pub weekly compared with 790k now.

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